Desktop Audio Not Being Captured

If you are unable to capture your desktop audio, try the solutions below:

  1. Make sure the audio source is not muted in the mixer on Streamlabs Desktop.
  2. Some audio management software, like Nahimic 2, Sonic studio sound, or motherboard audio software like Realtech HD Audio Manager, or Sound Blaster Recon, are known to cause issues. Try closing these kinds of software. Also check Windows task manager to see if any processes with a similar name are running. If this doesn't work, try going in to your Windows Playback Devices in your Windows Audio Settings, right click on the sound device you are using and click on Properties, then go to the Advanced Tab and uncheck the box that says "Give exclusive mode applications priority" and that should resolve it.
  3. Manually select the desktop audio device (in audio settings), you use as default device in Windows Sound- do not set it to default. Alternatively you can set it to disabled and add in the scene you want desktop audio an Audio Output Capture and select the device that is set as default device in Windows Sound.
  4. Install Windows C++ Redistributables
  5. As last resort, you can temporarily use an alternative program to capture audio, such as Voicemeeter Banana.  This program allows you to set it as default device, and then use a virtual audio cable into Streamlabs Desktop to capture the desktop audio. You can find various guides on the internet (like this one) or Youtube.
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