Alerts/Widget Troubleshooting

There are various reasons that your alerts/widgets could not be working.  A widget is a source type that you can add to your stream to help make your stream more interactive.  Widgets can be added as a widget source in Streamlabs Desktop, or as browser sources in other streaming software.  This guide focuses on all of our widgets, which you can find here.

The first step is always to log out of Streamlabs Desktop and, then log back in.

If that doesn't solve the problem, follow this guide (If you want to jump to a specific section please use the links below). 

Can't Hear Alert/Widget

  1. In your recent events list, at the top right, ensure that you do not have your alert sounds muted:
  2. Click on the gear to the right of your Mixer to launch your Advanced Audio Settings. Monitor Only (Mute Output) should work for the majority of people.  If your monitoring device is different than your desktop audio device, please select monitor and output.
  3. You will also want to ensure that your Alertbox audio is ticked for every track that you wish for it to sound for multitrack recording (for stream audio by default you would choose track 1).
  4. Right-click your alert box > properties > sources.  Tick the "Route Audio to OBS" option

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Visual Issues

  1. Sources are set in a layering system.  You need to more the source up in the layers list if you cannot see it.
  2. Try turning on or off browser hardware acceleration (Settings > Advanced > Sources > Enable Browser Source Hardware Acceleration). Then restart Streamlabs Desktop or OBS Studio

  3. Check to ensure that Unlimited Alert Moderation Delay is disabled.  Unlimited Alert Moderation delay forces you to press "accept" each time an event is received and to trigger the alert to come up on the screen.  If you would like to use Unlimted Alert Moderation Delay, you will need to give a moderator or your channel shared access so they can accept the alerts for you.  Any unaccepted alerts will not play.

    Streamlabs Desktop
    Right-click your alert box > Properties > Moderator Tools
    Go to > Alert Box > General Settings > Unlimited Moderation Delay

  4. You may have misconfigured Alert Variations.  Disable your alert variations or check to ensure that you do not have any missing information for each of the variations.

    Streamlabs Desktop
    Right-click the Alert Box > Properties.  Use the "+" sign to uncollapse your variations
    Go to > Alert Box > Follows/Subscriptions/Donations/Etc. > Click the "+" for Open Alert Variations and Disable any alert variations. If you would like to delete the variation, you will need to press Edit > Delete and confirm this.

  5. Make sure that your alerts aren't paused in your recent events list at the top right

  6. You have Custom CSS/HTML enabled. Please ensure you have this disabled unless you created the CSS/HTML yourself.

    Streamlabs Desktop
    Right-click your alert/widget source that is having the issue > Properties > if applicable, click on the alert that isn't functioning > HTML (if the little green circle is "on" that means it is turned on) > toggle off Custom HTML/CSS
    Go to > Alert Box (or other widget that is having the issue)> Follows/Subscriptions/Donations/Etc. (if applicable) > Scroll down to Enable Custom HTML/CSS and Disable it

  7. You have the wrong Widget Theme Selected.  In > Alert Box > Widget Themes, ensure that the correct widget theme is selected in the dropdown for your scene collection.

  8. Check to make sure you have alert animations. If you do not have an alert animation enabled for both "Show" and "Hide" an alert can get stuck (unless you have written this into your custom code).  You can check that in Streamlabs Desktop or

    Streamlabs Desktop

    Right-click the Alert Box > Properties > Click on your alert > Animation.  Ensure that both options have something selected.
    Go to > Alert Box > Follows/Subscriptions/Donations/Etc. > Alert Animation and make sure there is something selected in both dropdowns.

  9. Ensure your alert duration is set correctly.  If you have a very short alert duration, then the alert would not populate for as long as you would like.

    Streamlabs Desktop

    Right-click the Alert Box > Properties > Click on your alert > Animation > Alert Duration and use the slider to drag to the appropriate length
    Go to > Alert Box > Follows/Subscriptions/Donations/Etc. > Alert Duration and use the slider to drag to the appropriate length.

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Other solutions

  1. Check your profanity filters. You can check this on > Alert Box > General and check the profanity settings and custom bad words (your custom words may not be set correctly)
  2. Refresh your browser source by deleting all of your widget sources and re-adding one.
  3. Relink your account.  You can follow how to do that here.
  4. Ensure your streaming software is allowed through your firewall/antivirus software.  We have a guide on how to do this here for your Windows Firewall.
  5. There may be an iPV6 issue. Please follow our guide here on how to rectify that.
  6. Check your date & time settings. If your Windows Date/Time settings are incorrect this could cause an issue.
  7. Clear your cache files in your streaming software. You can do that by:
    - Closing Streamlabs Desktop/OBS Studio
    - Hit the Windows key + R
    - Paste the following and hit enter: %appdata%/slobs-client/plugin_config/obs-browser (Streamlabs Desktop) or %appdata%/obs-studio/plugin_config/obs-browser
    - Delete the folder, then re-open the software and add your alerts
    - Run a test alert
  8. Reset your API Token.  Please note that doing this will require you to update all of your Streamlabs Widget URLs in all of your sources.
    - Remove all Streamlabs Widgets from your streaming software
    - Go into your API Settings > API Tokens Tab
    - Click Refresh (and confirm the popup)

    Then in Streamlabs Desktop

    - Log out & close the program
    - Run as administrator & log back in

    Other Software

    - Re-add your new widget links
    - Run a Test Alert

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  • If someone resubscribes and doesn't share the resub in chat on their end no alert/notification will be shown on our end, due to API limitations.  Ask your subscribers to share their resubs in chat


  • If the person who is subscribing has their privacy settings enabled to not share their subs, then unfortunately no alert/notification will show on our end due to API limitations
  • YouTube now has a delay for subscriber alerts, which can take up to 4 hours.  Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this at this time.


  • If a user has their Facebook sharing settings set to private, it may not trigger an alert.

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