How to Use Collab Cam to Build a Community

While streaming may seem like a one-person show, there are plenty of reasons why you should use your channel to build a community. We’re not just talking about loyal followers: forming relationships with fellow streamers is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make.

Why Build a Community with Other Streamers?

Networking with other streamers is important, but building a community is even better. Here are just a few of the benefits that come with having a strong, well-built community:

  • Their followers may become your followers (and vice versa)
  • Opportunities to host community members on your channel for fun and active streams
  • You create a built-in network of people to seek help or advice from
  • Community members can keep your followers active and entertained if you need to take a night off (or an even longer break) from streaming
  • Fellow streamers often become your biggest supporters

If you’re streaming on Twitch, perhaps you’ve seen that certain streamers belong to “teams.” Created by Twitch Partners, teams are ways for streamers to connect and lift each other up. Hopeful streamers need to apply to the team directly and receive an official invitation before joining. Since most teams only recruit at certain times during the year and only accept streamers who meet specific criteria, it can be difficult to find a place.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a Twitch Partner or apply to join an exclusive team to build your own community. With tools like Streamlabs’ Collab Cam, you can host community members on your streams and plan fun events to entertain your viewers. First, let’s talk about how to start your own community and then we’ll go over some ideas for you to use on stream. 

How to Build Your Own Community

Choose a Theme

Deciding on a theme can make it easy for you to find like-minded streamers and ensure that your stream content appeals to everyone’s audiences. Whether your community is filled with streamers who only play FPS games, VTubers who play cozy games, singer/songwriters, or Neurodivergent folks, any theme is fine as long as it’s consistent with your content. A theme can also help you decide on the “purpose” of your community, what you stand for, and what you hope to achieve in coming together. There are communities focused on not just similar content, but also common ground such as race, gender identity, religion, and more.

Follow and Interact with Similar Streamers

If you’ve ever experienced the warm, fuzzy feeling that occurs when one of your favorite streamers follows you back, you’ll understand why having “mutuals” is so special. The more you authentically support and engage with streamers you admire, the better chance you have at becoming mutuals or “moots.” Filling your community with mutual followers who stream similar content is a great way to attract followers who will enjoy and support everyone involved. Remember: it’s not a competition! Viewers can (and often do) support more than one streamer.

Organize Regular Events

Once you’ve found other streamers you want to start a community with, the real fun can begin! Start introducing your new friends to your audience by hosting them on your stream (and having them do the same). Organizing regular events helps to keep everyone in touch, strengthens relationships over time, and makes planning new content a lot easier. Let’s take a look at some ideas to try on stream with your mutuals.

Event Ideas for Your Community

Weekly Collab Hosting

If you stream multiple days a week, you know that it can be difficult (and sometimes exhausting) to come up with content to keep people watching. Not only that, the stress of being the sole entertainer of every stream can be draining and potentially lead to burnout. 

By featuring a different streamer on your channel every week via Collab Cam, you can take a bit of the pressure off yourself. Sharing stream duties is not only easier, it’s really fun! Give your followers something to look forward to by inviting a different community member to join your stream and game or chat. It’s a chance to stream to a larger audience, potentially grow your follower or subscriber count, and deepen your relationship with the other streamer at the same time.

Small Streamer Spotlight

Paying it forward is important in the streaming community (and in everyday life!). If you have a larger platform than one of your mutuals, why not invite them to join your stream and introduce them to your followers? Better than a raid where you can only converse with the streamer through their chat, hosting them via Collab Cam will allow you (and your viewers) to ask questions. Your audience will be excited for the chance to meet a new streamer and the smaller streamer will be grateful for the exposure and your support.

Add Variety to Long Streams

Whether you’re someone who likes to stream long hours by nature or happen to be hosting a special event (a subathon, 24 hour stream, etc.), bringing another streamer in for a short period of time is the perfect way to break up the monotony. When you’re ready to switch gears and host your fellow streamer, simply have them click the link from Collab Cam to join your stream. They can hang out and chat for a few hours or play a fun multiplayer game like Fall Guys or Overcooked. The little chunk of time you spend together will help contribute to your stream’s overall success. 

Multiple Streamers for Maximum Chaos

Everyone loves a chaotic stream. Crank up the chaos on one of your future streams by inviting not just one, but several streamers via Collab Cam. Your next round of Among Us or Mario Party will be that much crazier (and funnier for your viewers) if everyone is talking over each other. Like a Discord chat but way better since your guests will be able to read the chat and have their faces seen by viewers, Collab Cam is a great way to make awesome memories with your friends on stream.

Reaction Streams

Have a friend who is easily scared? Perfect. Invite them to your next horror game stream with Collab Cam and let them entertain your audience with their shrieks of terror. Your Collab Cam guest doesn’t necessarily have to be a fellow streamer. You can invite a friend, partner, or even a family member to join one of your streams and react to your game (mom reacts to Dead by Daylight, perhaps?). Showing someone special to you on your streams makes your community feel closer to you because it’s like getting a small peek into your “real” life. If you have someone in your life who is willing, definitely give reaction streams a try! 

Hopefully now you have a better idea of why creating your own community of fellow streamers is so beneficial. With Collab Cam, it’s easier than ever before to host others on your streams (and be hosted on theirs) to help grow and strengthen both of your communities. Since it takes just seconds to set up, why not give Collab Cam a try on your next stream? We think you’re going to love this game-changing tool!

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