What is Twitch Mod View?

Being a mod on Twitch is no easy task. Fortunately, Twitch has a handy feature known as “Mod View” to help make the job easier. Today we’ll show you how to access Mod View and tell you about its various features. By the end of this article, you’ll know how to mod like a pro!

What Is Twitch Mod View?

Mod View is specifically designed for mods to easily perform their usual moderating tasks while still keeping an eye on both the chat and stream. It consists of four windows: a large, center window with customizable widgets, a sidebar to the left where stats can be viewed, a panel to the right with viewer details and various quick actions, and a small bar towards the bottom left of the screen where the mod can provide feedback to Twitch.

Streamers can view their own broadcasts through Mod View and of course, all mods have access to this useful tool. Though some mods may moderate for multiple channels, Mod View only allows one channel to be viewed at any given time. Mods can easily switch between channels by clicking on the camera icon in the bottom left hand corner of the page. 

image of a Twitch main screen while in Mod View

How to Access Twitch Mod View

There are two ways to access Twitch Mod View. You can click on https://www.twitch.tv/moderator or simply click the sword icon from the chat box.

Twitch chatbox window with mod view sword icon highlighted

How to Customize Twitch Mod View

Mod View comes with all of the available widgets already enabled, though some are on the main screen and some are minimized to the dock on the left side of the screen. You can delete widgets you don’t need as well as resize or reposition them. Click on the pencil in the bottom left corner to access “Edit Mod View.”

Mod View settings window

At any point you can simply hover over a widget and use the cursor to shrink or expand as needed. Toggling the “Lock Layout” option will hold everything in place. 

Default Widgets in Mod View

Stream Screen

For mods who want to keep the stream front and center, the stream widget takes up most of the Mod View screen. If the streamer mentions anything from merch to Discord, the mod typically drops a link in the chat, so paying attention to the stream is a must. However, if the stream screen is too large, you can always minimize it to your liking.

Mod Actions

This section shows the history of everything the mod has done, including bans, message deletions, raids, and more. If you don’t need or want to see this, you can minimize it to the dock on the left hand side, move it to a popup window, or delete it entirely.


Arguably, the chat is where a mod will spend most of their time. Default Mod View settings have chat taking up a nice portion of the page, but as with everything, you can customize its size to your liking. 

Automod Queue

Certain words and phrases used in chat are automatically blocked and require a mod to permit or ban usage. These words will appear in the automod queue and will remain invisible unless you allow them to be used.

Users in Chat

One of the best features of Mod View, “Users in Chat” allows the mod to learn all sorts of pertinent details about everyone viewing the stream. Simply clicking on a user’s name will reveal data such as when their Twitch account was created, how many timeouts they’ve received, their entire chat history, and more.

Channel Actions

From this section, the mod can quickly control the chat by activating slow mode, emotes only, or followers only chat. In the event of a “hate raid,” these moderation tools can quickly save the stream and protect the viewers and streamer from upsetting comments. Note: Streamlabs Cloudbot can also protect your stream via “Safe Mode.” You can read more about Safe Mode in this article

Mod View for Mobile?

According to Twitch, there is currently no way to access Mod View on mobile devices at this time. 

Whether you’re hoping to become a mod for multiple channels or are just a solo streamer looking to manage your creative space, Twitch Mod View is an indispensable tool. We hope you’ll try out Mod View today! Stay safe and happy streaming.

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