Streamlabs Unveils New Mod Access Tools for Live Streamers

Today, Streamlabs is announcing improved mods tools to help live streamers manage their mods and viewers. This is a significant development for streamers who want to keep their streams free of bad actors and troublemakers. Increased custom permissions, enhanced security measures, and improved user access are among the new technologies.

Continue reading below to learn more about the new mod access tools from Streamlabs.

What's New

At Streamlabs, we want to give broadcasters more control over their channels and provide viewers with a safer, more enjoyable experience. To do this, we're constantly improving our moderation tools.

Today, we're announcing several new features that will help content creators manage their live stream:

Increased custom permissions: 

Streamlabs now offers more granular control over what actions mods can take on your behalf. We now list every single permission you can give your mod. In addition, with our new custom access role, you can pick and choose which permissions your mods can access. 

There are three roles: Moderator, Administrator, and Custom.

  • Moderators: Dashboard access, ability to skip/repeat alerts, and Cloudbot access
  • Administrator: Complete access to your account, including platform access tokens and stream keys, excluding donation settings and shared access settings
  • Custom: Custom access according to selected options

Please note: to keep payment info safe, mods with shared access can not see your settings page no matter what role access they have. 

Enhanced Security Measures

As mentioned above, no matter what role you give your mods, they will never be able to see your settings page to keep your payment info safe. In addition, we've added two additional security measures:

  • We've added security messages when sending admin invites to be hyper-clear about the level of access you are giving.
  • We've hidden the link URL for created invitations to prevent streamers from potentially sharing it on their live stream.

Improved User Access

You can now edit a mods permission access instead of sending a brand new invite. Previously, if you wanted to adjust a mod's permission, you had to revoke their access and then resend them a new invite link. 

In Summary: 

We hope these improvements to our shared access tools help you manage your live streams better and keep your communities safe. As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team.

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