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Streamlabs Desktop is a pillar of the livestreaming industry, providing an easy way to get started streaming from your computer. But if you’re interested in playing mobile games, don’t have access to a machine, or want to stream on the go, then the Streamlabs mobile app is the perfect solution. 

Available here on iOS and here on Android, the Streamlabs mobile app lets you go live in seconds, right from your phone. Whether you’d like to stream your games or go live in real life (IRL), the app is a powerful free tool to get started streaming. It also works with many of the features available on Streamlabs Desktop like the alert box, chat box, event list, other widgets, overlays, and multistream!

In this article we’ll explore:

  • How to use the Streamlabs mobile app
  • Setting your stream up for gameplay or IRL streams
  • Streaming on multiple platforms
  • Settings customization

Let's get started!


Stream mobile gameplay

In recent years, mobile versions of popular games like Fortnite, PUBG, and Call of Duty have skyrocketed in popularity. Whether you play competitively or just for fun, the Streamlabs mobile app can help you share your gameplay with your fans on the go.

Make sure your game is installed on your device, then open the Streamlabs mobile app. Select ‘Stream Your Games’, and click ‘GO LIVE.’ You have the ability to customize your layout and add widgets to your stream. We'll dive into more customization specifics later in the article. 

For more details on how to stream gameplay, check out this guide. If you’re streaming on an Android device, you also have the option to stream both your screen and your camera just like you would on desktop!

If you’re looking for ideas on games to play, check out our article on the best mobile games to stream.


Go live IRL (in real life)

If instead of playing mobile games, you’d like to stream your camera and go live ‘Just Chatting’ style, select ‘Stream Yourself’ during onboarding.  You'll need to allow Streamlabs to access your camera and microphone. Select the platforms you would like to stream to and you're good to go!

Whether you’re a travel vlogger, stream fitness classes, want to broadcast your concerts, or even stream yourself shopping, the Streamlabs mobile app is a powerful tool. Even gaming streamers are recognizing the value of going live IRL as their fans get a more genuine look into the personalities of their favourite creators.

Stream to multiple platforms

It's never been easier to set up your stream on multiple platforms. Once you’ve clicked ‘GO LIVE’ inside the Streamlabs Mobile app, you’ll be able to toggle on multistream if you’re a Ultra user. Make sure you’ve connected all your accounts, and select which platforms you’d like to broadcast to simultaneously.

Multistreaming is one of the most effective ways to grow your channel as a new streamer, doubling or tripling the chance that a viewer finds your stream online. For other tips on how to grow your mobile streaming channel, check out this article.


What about platform streaming apps?

While you could use the platforms’ own streaming apps, they come with limitations. YouTube, for example, requires users to have at least 1,000 subscribers to their channel before you can stream using their app. With Streamlabs, this limitation doesn’t exist.

Twitch also has their own mobile streaming app, however you’d miss out on the ability to use Streamlabs alerts, to add mobile themes to your stream, to multistream to several platforms at the same time, and to broadcast your camera and screen at the same time.

What about custom RTMP destinations?

If you’re not looking to stream on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook, but would rather stream to platforms like Loola, GetLoco, or Trovo, you can do so using the Streamlabs mobile app by selecting a custom RTMP destination. All you need to do is input the server URL and copy your stream key from your platform of choice!

Streaming settings

The Streamlabs mobile app allows you to go live in seconds, but it also comes loaded with features and customization options for power users. Open the menu from the top right hand corner of the app to get started.


The editor allows you to rearrange how your screen is set up, from the camera and gameplay to alerts and other widgets.To add elements to your screen, click 'layers' in the top right, and add a layer to fully customize your stream's appearance.

Elements you can add:

  • Camera
  • Widgets, such as donation ticker, chat box, and sponsor banner
  • Streamlabs images - such as bottom third and partial overlay graphics
  • Custom items - such as custom text and URL embeds, as well as custom images like your own logo
  • Screen - to share what's on your screen
  • Stream labels - to display stream information such as latest sub or top tipper

Just pinch each element to resize and move them around until you're happy with your layout. Save and your stream is automatically updated. 


Every streamer wants their personality to shine on-screen. Ideally, you want to add a slick theme to represent your brand. While you can stream without overlays, or even add your own logo directly into the app from the editor, you can also add mobile-only themes to the app. 

Incorporating overlays, custom alerts, and a custom event list widget, you can choose from dozens of different themes to match your content and personality, simply by scrolling and selecting your favorite. Not the right one? Select another one to swap them out.

Streaming settings

To give your viewers the absolute best quality content, you need to make sure they can see and hear you clearly! 

With the streaming settings options, you can tweak your audio and video settings. Audio options include choosing your audio source and changing the sample rate, as well as combining microphone and internal audio on Android so your viewers can hear your voice and your game. With video, you can alter the output resolution and frame rate (depending on what your phone can handle!) and the bitrate to ensure smooth playback. 

Choose which events trigger alerts, and optimize your Twitch and YouTube settings for the smoothest possible stream.


Whether you want to stream yourself playing PUBG mobile or stream your band’s latest show, with the Streamlabs mobile app you can go live in seconds. The app allows yout broadcast your stream or your camera, stream to multiple platforms simultaneously, and customize your channel with alerts, other widgets, and professional mobile themes.

Your streaming settings are fully customizable, allowing you to create an on-brand streaming experience for your viewers.  Download the Streamlabs mobile app for Android and iOS and get started today.

Happy streaming!

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