New Emote Creator Tool Available Now in The Streamlabs App Store

Emotes play a very important within the Twitch ecosystem. They reinforce a streamer's branding, give viewers a unique way to express themselves, and keep the energy and hype up in the chat. 

As a Twitch affiliate or partner, you’ll unlock the ability to create your own. We’ve already given a detailed breakdown on how to unlock and add them to your stream (check out that article here). But today, we are excited to show you how to customize them. 

Emotes Creator Tool is a brand new app available in the Streamlabs Desktop App Store. Today, we’ll show you how to use the app, create your own emotes, and add them to your channel in a matter of minutes.  

Download Emotes Creator Tool

To download the Emotes Creator Tool:

  1. Visit the dashboard on
  2.  Click on “App Store” in the navigation panel on the left
  3. Search for Emotes Creator Tool, click on it and install. 

How to Create Your Emotes

Now that you’ve successfully install Emotes Creator Tool, you can begin to customize your emotes.

Open Streamlabs Desktop, and you’ll see a new Emotes Creator Tool icon on the left-hand side. Click on it, and we will bring you to a screen that allows you to customize every aspect of your emote.

On this page, you can change anything from your style of clothes, length of hair, glasses, headset, and much more. 

Emotes Creator Tool also gives you the freedom to create an emote for every moment of your stream. If there is a super hyped-up moment on stream, you can create an emote with a huge smile and pog text so your viewers can celebrate along with you. 

Or, if you fail miserably, create a custom emote so your viewers can sympathize with you while you wallow in sadness. 

There are hundreds of different combinations you can choose from. The options are endless, and the emotes you create are only limited to your imagination. 

After you are done customizing you can download four transparent PNG versions for each emote: (28x28px — 56x56px — 112x112px — 512x512px). Click “download” and each version will be conveniently together in a zip folder waiting to be extracted.

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You can download Streamlabs Desktop here.

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