How to Create Your Own Logo for Live Streaming Using Streamlabs

This new tool allows users to create beautiful, customized logos for FREE that you can use in your stream, on merch, or anywhere else.

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Choose from templates, start from scratch, add shapes, change colors, add symbols, use your own images, select from hundreds of fonts, and create the perfect logo for your brand. To get started, follow the steps below.

After you select Logo Maker from the left nav, you’ll see two tabs. ‘Templates’ and ‘Your Logos’. Browse through the professionally created templates for inspiration, or create your own from scratch.

Once open, you can edit any of the components individually. Resize them, copy and paste if you’d like a duplicate, or change the color using the edit bar at the top. If you are modifying a shape, you can also add a gradient.

There are hundreds of different fonts to choose from, all with a preview so you can see which one best suits your needs. Reshape and recolor to match your brand. You can also reorder layers from the side navigation — drag and drop to place

Once ready, select from thousands of different symbols to add to your logo. From animals and shields to ships and trophies, add as many elements as you wish to make your logo unique and memorable. You can change colors using the bars, or input the hex code for matching. For orientation, simply drag and drop the items into place or adjust them manually using the dials.

Keep an eye out, there are more makers coming soon from Streamlabs!


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