How to Migrate Your Periscope Account on Streamlabs

With the shutdown of Periscope we want to ensure that all of our Periscope streamers have an easy option to move to other platforms. No matter what platform you choose to stream on, Streamlabs will work with you to make your transition as smooth as possible.

We’ve created a tool that will help you transfer your account settings from Periscope to another live streaming platform. Below is a guide to assist you in moving your account settings and history. 

Please note:

  • If you subscribe to Streamlabs Ultra, your subscription will transfer to the new account when you use the migrate function.
  • Your Tip/donation URL is associated with the primary account — once you have changed your primary account, your tip/donation URL will change. You can find your current tip URL here. Please update this wherever you advertise your tip link.
  • You MUST migrate your account if you wish to retain your scene collections, settings, and donation/tip history. 

Migrate your Periscope Account to Another Platform Account

1. From the account settings page, click the “migrate” button next to the account you would like to be your new primary streaming account.


2. A prompt will confirm that you wish to migrate your history and settings to your new account- select "Migrate Now" 


3. And that's it! Your new streaming account is ready to go with all of ythe settings and history from your Periscope account



You have now successfully removed Periscope as your primary account. All of your scene collections, settings, tip/donation history, and Streamlabs Ultra benefits (if applicable) should be present on your new primary account.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. Remember to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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