Create Customized Animated Emotes of Yourself With MojiChat

Streamlabs is proud to include MojiChat, an interactive augmented reality emoji application, into the Streamlabs Desktop App Store. MojiChat is harnessing the power of AR to give streamers the ability to produce an interactive live stream in a way that has never been achieved before.

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What is it

The MojiChat App is a social messaging application, which uses augmented reality technology to project a customized 3D hologram emoji of yourself into your live stream.

When you receive follows, bits, donations, and subscriptions, your customized 3D emoji will celebrate alongside you through a variety of animations.

Hundreds of options

Customize your Moji

After you download Mojichat from the Streamlabs Desktop App Store, click on the Mojichat icon from the application list on the left-hand side of Streamlabs Desktop to launch the app.

After you create an account and log in, you can fully customize your Moji to resemble your unique style and characteristics. Choose from hundreds of different available options, including the hairstyle, facial structure, clothing options, and more. New styles and features are being added regularly so check back often!


Configure Your Moji

Configuring your animations is a seamless and intuitive experience. Simply pick which alerts you’d like animations to appear. With over 30 different animation styles, you can browse and select the ones your audience will enjoy the most.

You can also customize the duration of the alert and can choose if you’d like it to fade in or out of the screen.

Finally, add Mojichat as a source from the source list. You’ll now see a beautiful, customized, augmented reality 3D emoji of yourself on the screen when you receive follows, bits, donations, and subscriptions.

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