Use Streamlabs' Logo Maker to Make Custom Stream Alerts

Streamlabs offers an easy way to create your own custom alerts for live streamers. But did you know you can use Streamlabs' new Logo Maker to customize the notification that pops up on the screen when you receive a tip, new subscriber, or follower?


There are tons of templates available for FREE. Visit our website to jump right in and start creating a FREE logo today. When you enter this page, you have the option to customize a pre-made logo template or start from scratch.


Click here to learn more about using Streamabs Logo Maker for Twitch streamers and content creators.

When you start from scratch, you’ll begin with a blank canvas. Here are some tips to help you create your logo:

  1. Start with a Symbol: choose a symbol that represents you or your channel. The symbol can be the centerpiece of the logo or used as an accent. It will generally be one of the most recognizable parts, so choose a symbol that is meaningful to you. There are hundreds of different symbols to choose from, so make sure to browse through all of them before picking the one you like. There are various types of symbols to choose from, including Aliens, Anchors, Animals, Bows, Brushes, Buildings, Fire, Feathers, etc.
  2. Upload an Image: If you already have an image you feel represents you as a brand, then start by uploading that and accenting it with a symbol.
  3. Add Shapes: adding rectangles, squares, or ellipses is a great way to add some symmetry to your logo. Use them to outline your entire logo or capture your viewer’s attention.
  4. Add Text: Lastly, you can add text to reinforce the name of your channel.

You can resize or even copy and paste any element you add to your logo to create duplicates. You can even change them to a different color using the edit bar. If you’re editing a shape, you can add a gradient.

There are hundreds of different fonts to choose from, all with a preview so you can see which one is best for you. Reshape and recolor to suit your brand. You can also rearrange layers via the side navigation.

When you are done customizing your logo, click on “Next Step” and download your image.

How to Add Your Logo to Your Alerts

The first thing you want to do is add an Alert Box widget to your live stream. Widgets are features you can add in Streamlabs Desktop to help you interact and engage with your community.

To add an Alert Box, press the plus sign in the “Sources” section of Streamlabs Desktop.

Now select “Alert Box” from the pop-up menu.

After you are done adding the source, viewers will see our default alert appear on the screen when you get a new subscriber, bit, follow, host, etc.

Our default alert will appear after you add an Alert Box widget

Use this opportunity to acknowledge your viewers for contributing to the stream. Recognition makes your viewers feel good and also encourages others to support you.

Create Custom Alerts

You can manually customize your alerts by navigating to the Streamlabs dashboard and clicking on “Alert Box” on the left-hand side.

This page is your command center when it comes to editing your alerts. From here, you can choose to edit your “General Settings”, which will affect every single alert type, and/or you can choose to further customize specific alert types.

Depending on the platform you choose, your alert types will differ. For example, in the picture below I’m logged into Twitch, and therefore have options to customize my alerts for Follows, Subscriptions, Hosts, Bits, etc.

Choose to edit your General Settings or specific alert types here

General Settings

General Settings apply to every alert type. You can edit the alert delay, mod approvals, profanity filters, add custom bad words, etc.

General Settings that apply to every alert

Customize Specific Alert Types

To customize an alert click on the specific event type you wish to edit. In the example pictured below, we are editing alerts for new Twitch followers.

On this page, you can customize the layout of the alert, the image or gif that’s played, sound, font, animation, duration, etc. From here, you can upload your logo so that it will appear when someone triggers an alert.

If you would like to get started or learn more, please visit our website here. Remember to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

You can download Streamlabs Desktop here.

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