Charity Streaming is More Fun With a Team

Nothing is more powerful than a group of people all working towards the same goal. That’s why we’re excited to announce that the “Teams” feature is available on Now you can start a fundraising campaign with your friends and share a donation page, stream alerts, donation goal, and leaderboard.

We’re excited about this because the largest live stream fundraisers of all time have all been team events. The 2019 Z Event raised over $4 million as a team, setting the world record for a charity stream on Twitch (they broke the record the following year, raising over $6 million).

The Z Event team raised $1.98 million in 24 hours

Fundraising is a fundamentally social activity, and when more people can participate in the event it will be more fun, and more impactful.

How “Teams” Works

Once you create an account as a fundraiser on Streamlabs Charity, you can create a campaign for any charity on the platform. When you do it will be visible from your campaigns page in your dashboard.

To invite team members, just click on the invite icon.

Fill out your team’s fundraising details and set the team as Public or Private. If you set the team to Public, anyone will be able to join, but if it’s private only the people you invite by email will be able to join.

Once your team is created and you’ve linked your account, everyone on your team will be able to share a team donation goal overlay, and donation alerts.

As more and more streamers start public teams, they’ll be available to join from our campaigns page. Until then, the best way to join a team is to start one yourself! If you’re already planning a charity stream this year, boost your signal (and your impact on the nonprofit) by inviting other streamers to fundraise with you.

If you’re interested in charity, but not sure who to raise money for, we recommend checking out these ones in honor of Black History Month.

Happy Fundraising!

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