How to Live Stream on YouTube

After you’ve completed the Streamlabs Desktop onboarding process, you’ll be taken to the Streamlabs Desktop live tab. If you would like to learn more about the onboarding process for YouTube you can read part one right here.

Choosing Your Scene

Here you can see the various scenes that came pre-packaged with the theme you choose. In this case, our theme is called “Nexus”.

This is where you can choose which scene you’d like to display

When you select a theme — everything is populated for you. Most themes come with a stream starting soon, a live scene, a be right back scene, and a stream ending scene.

Remember, when you press “Go Live,” your audience will see whatever scene is on your live tab. Use a “Starting Soon” scene to start building your audience before your actual content begins. Use a “Be Right Back” scene, in case you need to take a quick break during your stream. Use your live scene when you are ready for your audience to see and hear you.

Capture Content With Sources

A source is something that outputs to the stream. A webcam is a source. One of the many widgets, such as a donation goal, can be a source. Capturing what’s on your screen is also a source.

Sources output a variety of elements to your live-stream

To add a source, click on the plus sign and choose the source you’d like to add. There are options, like “Window Capture”, which will only display a specific window from your computer, or “Display Capture” which will display your entire screen. If you are playing video games, we recommend choosing the “Game Capture” source which will only display the game you are playing.

How to Add an Alert Box

After you’ve added a source to display your content, we highly recommend adding an “Alert Box” source. Once enabled, viewers will see a beautiful alert appear on the screen when they send a donation, subscribe to your channel, or become a member. It also gives you the perfect opportunity to acknowledge and thank your viewers for contributing to the stream. This makes your new supporters feel great because you recognized them on stream and encourages others to support you.

Remember, you can completely customize how your alerts look by logging into and visiting our “Alert Box” dashboard. For more information on how to create custom alerts, please read our blog post about Alert Box variations.

Check Your Stats

After you’ve finished your first live stream, you will want to check the stats, how many tips you received, and viewers you had. Head to and log in to view the Streamlabs Dashboard. The dashboard is your one-stop shop to see your live streaming analytics, recent events, and latest features.

Now you are ready to go live and start streaming to your fans. Streamlabs Desktop offers a ton of functionality, and this is just scraping the very top of what’s possible. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out on Twitter, Discord, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

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