How to Create Custom Animations For Your Sources With Better Motion

Download Better Motion Here.

Better Motion, a new app available in the Streamlabs Desktop App Store, is a tool that allows streamers to animate their sources within a scene.

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When it comes to creating a visually appealing stream, having scenes and sources that look professional is a fantastic way to capture the attention of new viewers and stand out from the crowd. While you can purchase animated overlay packages from designers, Better Motion gives you complete control to customize and animate your sources to your liking.

While animating a source may seem complicated at first, Better Motion implements a simple interface that will allow you to produce polished animations on each of your sources quickly.


If you are looking to create something a bit more advanced, Better Motion also gives you the tools to string together more complex animations. Customize the position and scale of your sources, set an easing curve for each animation, and control the duration and delay to chain together elaborate animations.

With dozen of various animation types, you can fully customize and create high frame rate animations with the smoothest transitions.

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