How to Automatically Detect and Capture a Game Source in Streamlabs Desktop

Here at Streamlabs, we strive to create a seamless experience for our streamers. When they use our software, we want them focused on streaming and creating the best entertainment for their audience. With the implementation of Automatic Game Capture, we are reducing the friction it takes to manage your live stream so you can direct your attention to your viewers and the game.


What does it do:

Auto Game Capture will automatically detect and broadcast the game you are playing to your live stream.

Previously, with game capture, you must alt-tab, open Streamlabs Desktop, select game capture properties, click the drop-down, and find the correct game in the list.

How to use it:

Simply add a game capture source, or change your current game cap source to Auto mode


Now you can easily swap between most games, simply by clicking on and starting the game you want to play. We will automatically manage the size and resolution of the source so you no longer have to adjust source properties. No longer update your game capture source every time you play a new game.

If you are playing video games on stream, we strongly recommend you utilize Auto Game Capture, as it is now the most optimal way of capturing a game source. Other methods like display capturing can inadvertently display private information on stream. Put your mind at ease and use Auto Game Capture today.

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