What Music Can You Play on Twitch?


The recent wave of DMCA takedowns is evidence that live services will continue to take action against the copyright infringements happening on their platform. Protecting musicians’ intellectual property is important, and it is essential creators do what they can to prevent potential copyright violations.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act prohibits anyone from sharing copywritten material, including music, without permission. It’s no secret that doing this on a live stream can get you in trouble. You may be subject to a takedown notice from music rights holders, your VOD’s will likely be muted, and at the very worst, multiple violations may lead to a permanent suspension of your account.

That is why we’ve partnered Pretzel Rocks, a company providing solutions for you to stream DMCA-safe music while supporting the musicians that create it.


Get the Pretzel Rocks Music Player App

The Pretzel Music Player gives live streamers access to over 300,000 stream-safe tracks.

Features include:

  • Curated Mood and Genre Stations
  • Filter music by explicit or if has vocals
  • Use YouTube Safe to make sure the music is safe for YouTube
  • Accept bits for Song Requests that respect your filters (Twitch only)
  • Don’t like a song, give it a thumbs down it and it will never play again
  • Like a song? Thumbs it up then check out your own Liked Station

Another option for creators is the Monstercat Music Player App. The Monstercat Music Player provides a seamless way to stream thousands of electronic songs and a license to safely use them in your independent creative content. When you purchase Monstercat Gold, you get access to their catalog for monetized use, while also directly supporting their artists.

Don’t get DMCA’d. Playing copyrighted music without permission does more harm than good and limits your ability to monetize your content.

For more information about Twitch rules for playing music, please read Twitch’s community guidelines. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. Remember to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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