How To Customize Subscription Alerts For iOS Sub Tokens

Many people love to use their mobile app to watch their favorite live streamers. However, until recently, they couldn’t show their support by subscribing to their favorite creators on the Twitch App. That recently changed with the introduction of iOS Sub Tokens.

Now, viewers on iOS can subscribe to any Partner or Affiliate channel directly from the Twitch iOS app.

Today, Streamlabs is happy to announce that you can add a variation to customize the alerts you receive when users subscribe using these tokens!

How To Edit Your Alerts

First, head to the alert box settings in your dashboard and click on the subscriptions tab.


To customize your iOS Sub Token alerts, scroll all the way down and add a variation. You can choose to edit your current Alert Box settings or start fresh using the default settings.


After you select which setting you’d like to add a variation to, add a new Condition and select “When user extends their subscription using Sub Tokens”!


After you’ve customized the setting to your preference, simply click save and you’ll see your new your variation appear.


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