Merch: How to Create Embroidery Items

Getting started

Creating your embroidery items can be a breeze as long as you prepare your images correctly. Please note that there are certain limitations to embroidery. The more detailed the picture, the harder it is to embroider. 

Creating your image

The simpler the image, the better it will embroider. Some rules when designing a logo for embroidery are:

  • Solid color images
  • 4 colors or less
  • The image does not exceed 2000 px x 2000 px, 12 MB in file size, and should be 150-300 DPI for best results

Color matching

Color matching is essential to ensure that the editor can choose the correct colors. We have listed all of the thread colors we have available and their respective codes to help you design your items:


How to create your item

  1. Choose a product
  2. Upload your image or select a preloaded image
  3. Select the colors you would like the items to be
  4. Select each thread color

Or you can check out a short video here:

Then you're done! If you have followed the guidelines, your product should turn out wonderfully.

Common Problems & Solutions

Text and lines are too small/thin

When designing, think of the thickness of the lines that you are using. Avoid using very small letters because the embroidered text might not be legible. Ensure that your text is at least 0.25" (0.635 cm) tall and at least 0.05" (0.127 cm) in thickness. Lines also should be at least 0.05" (0.127 cm) in thickness. Otherwise, a run stitch will be used (a single line of stitches) instead of a satin stitch:

Distressed, textured, gradients

Details will be lost due to these graphics' nature, and colors will not embroider appropriately due to the fading into another color. Use solid colors/images for this reason.


Solid backgrounds/transparency

Please ensure that you choose a graphic with a transparent background (a transparent/opaque image will not embroider well). If you have a solid background, it will stitch the color that you choose for the background.


If you have an image that has solid but has negative space within it, that can cause issues. Please fill in the negative space with color.



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