Merch: Pricing, Pay-outs, and Taxes

Can I buy my own merch at a discount?
Yes! if you are logged into your account and visit your own store (click url in merch dashboard), prices you see are automatically discounted to our at-cost price.

Ex: Min price is $12 for mug but if the mug is priced at $15 in the store. If you are logged into your account while viewing your store the cup will automatically be discounted so that it is $12, the minimum price for the mug.


Is there a profit threshold I need to hit before being paid out?

No, payouts are made on the 15th day of every month for orders fulfilled in the previous month. For example, profits from sales made in the month of May will be paid on the 15th day of June.


How does pricing work and what is the profit share between the streamer and Streamlabs?

  • Streamers will have the option to set their price at the suggested minimum amount, the suggested maximum amount, or anything in between. If a streamer decides to set their retail price at the minimum amount they will make no profit. If a streamer sets their price as anything above the suggested minimum amount they will keep 100% of that profit.
  • For example, if the suggested minimum amount for a tee shirt is $15 and you sell it for $15 you will make no profit. If you sell that tee shirt for $25 you will make $10 profit. This does not include Paypal fees, which may be deducted from the profit.


VAT, Customs, and Other Clearance Fees

  • Your customers will be responsible for paying all applicable customs, taxes, clearance, and local government fees on their orders- Streamlabs has no control over these charges.
  • VAT is charged to all orders fulfilled in Europe, with shipping destinations ending in the EU. VAT is calculated as (product cost + shipping) * Country’s VAT%.
  • Orders going to Australia now have to have a 10% GST (goods and services tax) imposed by the Australian government.


If you have any issues with your payout please contact 

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