Merch Giveaway Tutorial

Running a merch giveaway is a great way to grow your channel and to raise awareness about your merch store. There are several things you need to know before you run your first giveaway.

Enable Streamlabs Cloudbot

You will need to open Streamlabs Desktop or go to the website and click on the Cloudbot tab. Make sure you enable the Cloudbot by clicking the toggle on, as well as modding the bot in your channel.

The giveaway commands are defaulted to be turned "on". To check go to your Commands tab > Default > Scroll down to Giveaways. These are good to know, as well as to ensure they are on:

Finding the Giveaway Tab

Within Streamlabs Desktop

You can go to the giveaway tab via the Cloudbot tab:

Or you can do this on the Live tab:


You can go to the giveaway tab via the Cloudbot tab:

Or you can do this within your recent events (Twitch)/analytics page:


Basic Setup

You are now ready to set up your giveaway

  1. Click on the + sign next to "Merch" within your giveaway tab
  2. Click the "Create a new Giveaway to get Started!" link.
  3. Name your giveaway
  4. Select the item you wish to giveaway
  5. Scroll down and press the "Add" button

Additional Settings


  1. Timer: You can toggle this on and off if you would like your giveaway to end within a certain time period or not
  2. Duration: If you have the timer enabled, this is how long the giveaway will run until the bot closes the entering for raffle tickets
  3. Permission: Want a subscriber or subscriber & moderator giveaway only? You can do that! Use the drop down here and select who you would like to be able to enter the giveaway!


  1. Followers only checkbox: If you want it to be a follower's only giveaway
  2. Ticket cost: The amount of loyalty points it costs to enter into the giveaway for one ticket. **This ticket cost only applies to Cloudbot loyalty points and does not work with Extension Loyalty or Chatbot Local points**
  3. Maximum Tickets per User: Caps out the amount of tickets someone can buy
  4. Luck: Is one of your perks for subscribers extra "luck" use the plus (+) or minus (-) signs to add and subtract. You can also give luck to non-subscribers as well. Example: If subscribers in my channel have 5x more luck in giveaways, I would change the bonus tickets to 5. Then followers would only get 1 ticket, while my subscribers would get 6.

Run Your Giveaway

You now have everything set up in preparation for your first giveaway! The last thing you need to do is press that "Start Giveaway" button! Once you press it you will be prompted to the Payment authorization screen. Submit your payment information and once it has been completed the bot will announce that the giveaway has started and how the viewers can enter in.

When you are ready, close the giveaway, or the bot will automatically close it after time duration. Then choose your winner. You will be greeted by the winner screen here:

The bot will also announce a unique URL for the winner of the giveaway. Non-winners will be redirected to your merch store. There they can enter in the size (if it is a sized item), color (if the item comes in multiple colors), and their shipping information.

You can press Okay and then wait for the winner to redeem. If for some reason the winner doesn't redeem you can choose another winner. Press the "Complete" button once the winner has told you that they're there, and they're claiming the prize. You can also see everything that the winner types in the "prize assigned" box.

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