Event List Widget Setup



The event list is a way to easily and cleanly show your recent events such as followers, subscribers, or donations. 

To set it up you will want to make sure you have prepared your software for widgets. (Guide can be found here).

Then simply copy the url at the top of the event list page https://streamlabs.com/dashboard#/eventlist and insert it into your streaming software. 

After you have done this you can now spend your time tweaking it . 


Theme will allow you to switch between some premade themes or set it to custom css.

Theme Color can be used to change the main color of the theme you are using.

Max events will allow you to set how many boxes the event list creates and shows at once.

Background Color will allow you to change the color behind the events. ( You only need to worry about this if you window capture)


Text Color is used for all the text within the event boxes.

Font will allow you to change the font inside your events.

Font size can be slid across to increase or decrease the size of your event text.

Animation allows you to set the animations on how the event boxes will enter and exit the window.

Animation Speed will let you set how quickly the animations occurs when the box enters or exits.  

Flip X and Flip Y allow you to set the axis the top box sits on. If you were to flip Y you would notice the top box would be at the bottom instead.

If you are a more advanced user you can set your theme to custom css and start coding away.

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