Event List Widget Setup

Today we will be looking at the Event List widget, its benefits, and how to add it to your streaming platform of choice.

What is the Event List Widget

The Event List widget is a visual tool that helps viewers see the interactions and events happening on your stream in real-time. The Event List will update whenever a viewer follows, tips, subs, hosts, and more.

What are the Benefits of an Event List

In addition to adding a visual aspect to your stream, the Event List can also be a handy tool that helps viewers track events on your stream. If you’re posting VODs or uploading highlights, an Event List widget can be helpful, so viewers have more context when they watch past streams.

How to Add an Event List Widget to Streamlabs Desktop

Step 1: Visit our website and download Streamlabs Desktop

Step 2: Open Streamlabs Desktop

Step 3: Add a new source


Step 4: Add the Event List widget


Now you can click done, and your Event List widget will be on display for your viewers to see.

How to Customize the Event List Widget

After you add your source, we recommend heading to the Event List dashboard to customize it. 

You can change everything from theme, color, choose which events you want to include, change the animation, and much more on this page. 

Theme: This allows you to switch between some premade themes or set it to custom CSS.

Theme Color: This can be used to change the main color of the theme you are using.

Max events: This will allow you to set how many boxes the event list creates and shows at once.

Background Color: This will allow you to change the color behind the events. (You only need to worry about this if you window capture)


Text Color: This is used for all the text within the event boxes.

Font: This will allow you to change the font inside your events.

Font size: This can be slid across to increase or decrease the size of your event text.

Animation: This will allow you to set the animations on how the event boxes will enter and exit the window.

Animation Speed: This will let you set how quickly the animations occur when the box enters or exits.

Flip X and Flip Y: This allows you to set the axis the top box sits on. If you were to flip Y, you would notice the top box would be at the bottom instead.

If you are a more advanced user, you can set your theme to custom CSS and start coding away.

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How to Add the Event List Widget to OBS Studio 

If you aren’t streaming using Streamlabs Desktop, you can add widgets to other streaming software like OBS Studio. 

Step 1: visit the visit our website and log in to the dashboard.

Step 2: Click on “All Widgets” on the left-hand side of the dashboard.


Step 3: Click on “Event List” from the widgets gallery.


Step 4: Copy the Widget URL


Step 5: Open OBS Studio

Step 6: Add a source


Step 7: Click on “Browser”


Step 8: Copy and paste the widget URL


And now your Event List widget will appear in OBS Studio!

About Streamlabs

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