How to Setup your Custom Merch Store


Having a merch store is an excellent way for your viewers to support you. We set up your Streamlabs merch store so that your viewers can browse, purchase, and have their products shipped quickly and easily without any further effort from you!

Adding Your First Product:

To begin, log in to and navigate to the Merch Store dashboard. If you don’t already have a logo, you can create one using Logo Maker.

  • Select “Upload file” to automatically create several items for your store or click “Create Merch” to produce one item at a time. Use the filters to browse merch categories.
  • Browse existing images in your media gallery, or upload a new image from your computer.
  • Make sure you have sized the image on your items correctly.
  • Modify the item design, name, and price with the pencil icon. You can also change thread colors for items that say “customize thread colors.”
  • Then name your merch item, set a price, and choose an expiry date if you want to offer the item for a limited time.
  • [NEW] If you have multiple color options for apparel, select the color you would like to show by default on your store. Hit “Next” to save.
  • When you’re all done, you will see your item in your retail merch store.

All items are available to everyone, but Streamlabs Ultra creators will get an additional discount on all merch items. You can also create a custom merch alert or plan a giveaway to thank your supporters for purchasing.

Alerts and giveaways are great tools to remind viewers you have merch available. Let your viewers know they can find your store on your tip page or add a panel to your channel pointing them to the URL. You can find some helpful graphics to use for a merch panel here.

Discounts on Your Merch

You can purchase your own merchandise at a lower cost for a convenient way to sample product print and quality, or sport your own goods on stream. Simply go to your store while logged into Streamlabs, and you will see all items marked down to the lowest price. Don’t forget, Streamlabs Ultra members get even more significant discounts on merch.

You can purchase your own merch one of two ways.

  1. Through your merch admin store
  2. Through your merch retail store

Both ways will offer you the same discount. And that’s it, your merch store, alerts, and everything are all set up! We hope your viewers enjoy your new merch, and happy shopping!

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