Mobile LAN Streaming Source Guide

With a recent update to the Streamlabs mobile application, we implemented the LAN streaming feature. Not only can you stream directly from your phone to Twitch, YouTube, and more, with custom alerts and widgets, but you can also now set up a LAN stream to feed directly into your computer. This allows you to stream your mobile games to your PC or have an on-the-go webcam for walking around your home. Available now for Android.

What exactly does this do or mean?
Well, while on a supported device, add a media source into OBS Studio or Streamlabs Desktop, or etc, that will show what you see from your device's camera (s) or screen as long as your device is on the same network! Network meaning your computer is connected to your modem/router via Ethernet or Wi-Fi and your phone is also on Wi-Fi, this will not work from your mobile connection.

What do I use this for?
Do you know how you always wanted to do that live setup tour for your stream? Or you wanted to show off something you got but your webcam is stuck being stationary at your desk? Maybe you wanted to jump in your pool for a challenge. This is what this would be for. 
What this isn't for is for streaming off your mobile network to your PC at home.

How do I do it?
1. Download and install the Streamlabs mobile app: available now on Android.
2. Open the Streamlabs mobile app and sign in with your streaming platform.
3. You can add widgets if you wish, but isn't necessary (actually better if you don't if you are setting this up, can always open the Editor up later and add them for IRL streaming.)
4. Once you are logged in, click on the three lines at the top right to enter your Settings screen.  If you are in simple mode, you will need to switch to "Advanced" here:mceclip1.png

5. You then would want to go to LAN streamingmceclip2.png

6. This will bring up the "Stream to devices in your network" screen, here you can adjust the resolution of the video feed (would recommend 720p or 1080p) and your video bitrate (for 720p use 5000, for 1080p use 10000). Leave the Video Encoder on H.264/AVC. Then tap the next button.mceclip3.png

7. You should now be live! But to where? 🤔 To your local network, you should be greeted by a screen looking like the following image and you will want to tap on "Get Stream URL".mceclip4.png

8. This will open a URL on your device's browser. For ease of use, you can type this same URL into your computer's Web Browser and access this page. On this page, you will copy and paste the URL into your streaming software as a Media Source. For the purposes of this guide, we will be using Streamlabs Desktop but the setup is the same in OBS Studio. e4191737-bb94-4bd0-bc52-bf3f85bc5cf6.png

9. Add a Media Source in your streaming software. In the Properties of this source, uncheck the box for Local File and paste the URL you got from the LAN Streaming Help (above image) to the Input box and click Done. Your feed will show up momentarily!b3e65dfa-4448-4d20-9b9a-a70165b1977e.png

Some quick things to note if you have an issue:

  • Check that the URL you are using is correct- sometimes this URL will change from when you first set up this source.
  • Be sure to use the FLV stream each time, this is a checkbox option that appears at the end of the setup process.
  • Perhaps the device you are streaming from isn't connected to your Wi-Fi, your computer can be connected via Ethernet and your device with Wi-Fi, just not your mobile network (4G LTE, 3G, etc).
  • If after creating the source, and you double-checked the above, close and re-open your streaming software.
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