All-Star Rewards FAQ

The All-Stars program is available to all streaming platforms supported by Streamlabs Desktop. This includes Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Trovo. You can view your All-Stars ranking and available rewards here.

There are a 4 ways to progress further in Program

  1. Either Stream from Streamlabs Desktop or Grow Your Twitch CCV

Only one method above will be taken into account for points, whichever ranks higher. 

By keeping the legacy method, we’re able to honor our users who have grown/are growing their Twitch CCV. With the new method, we are able to excitingly expand the program to additional platforms.


Streaming from Streamlabs Desktop

For every hour that you stream from Streamlabs Desktop, you will receive 2 points.

    • You won’t see your points until you have streamed at least 1 hour e.g. if you stream for 15 minutes, your 2 points will not show up on your dashboard until you’ve streamed for 45 minutes.
    • In order to keep your rank/points using this method, you must stream for at least 2 hours per month.
    • Multi-stream is counted separately in a different task. See “Completing Tasks” below


Grow Your Twitch CCV

Your points are determined by your average concurrent viewership (ccv) count over the last 90 days. This changes over time depending on your viewership. 

    • Once you have unlocked a new tier with this method, you will not lose your tier rank if your viewership decreases.



Your points will be reviewed for legitimacy before your reward redemptions are processed.

Any illegitimate viewership activity will result in your rank being removed.


2. Completing Tasks

You can earn additional points by completing tasks within the dashboard. This includes: 

    • Enabling Merch
    • Installing Streamlabs Desktop
    • Enabling your tip page
    • Multi-streaming

More tasks to come soon!


3. Subscribing to Ultra

When you subscribe to Ultra, you automatically get Gold tier.


4. Staying subscribed to Ultra

Staying subscribed to Streamlabs Ultra will help move you to the next tier. You will see a count down timer that will show you the length of time left to reach the next tier. The longer you keep Streamlabs Ultra for, the closer you will get to a new tier.




Merchandise Reward Redemption

If you have redeemed your shirt for the Gold tier or hoodie for Platinum tier but have not received your item please submit a ticket for assistance. 



If you have achieved Gold status by purchasing Streamlabs Ultra you will need to either have paid for 3 consecutive months of subscription fees, or subscribe to the annual option in order to unlock the shirt redemption. 


How do I access the All-Stars and VIP channels in Discord?

You must link your Discord account under integrations on our website. Once you have done this you will receive the corresponding All-Stars role and have access to the All-Stars channel. If you are Ruby rank or above you will have access to the VIP channel. 

Join our Discord here.

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