Instant Replays in Streamlabs Desktop

Instant replay (or Replay Buffer) records your content in the background so it can be replayed at your command. For this tutorial, we'll show you: 

  1. How to enable the replay buffer
  2. How to use hotkeys to trigger an instant replay with one click

1. Open Streamlabs Desktop settings, go to output, and check the box "Enable Replay Buffer"

  • Open Streamlabs Desktop settings
  • Go to Output
  • Check the box for Enable Replay Buffer
  • Set the length to your desired time.
  • Note: Longer replay buffers require more memory (for this guide we'll use 30 seconds).

2 In the general settings, check the box to Automatically start replay buffer when streaming

3. In the Hotkey settings, set a hotkey for saving the replay buffer.

  • For this guide, we'll use Ctrl+Shift+S.
  • Using this hotkey you can still save replays normally, even with Instant Replays setup.

4 Now, close the settings page and start the replay buffer by clicking on "Start Replay Buffer" towards the bottom right of Streamlabs Desktop.

5. Add a new source to the current scene, choose the one called "Instant Replay".

6. Now your Instant Replay feature is ready.

  • Simply press your chosen hotkey combination, and the last 30 seconds will play as a media source in your editor.
  • You can also resize the source and move it around.

If you have a control device such as a Stream Deck, you can create a hotkey action;

  • Set the hotkey to the same as in Streamlabs Desktop, and then you have the power of instant replay at the press of a button.
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