Create NDI Stream with Skype (Podcast)

Skype NDI

This article is for setting up Skype NDI streams to receive in Streamlabs Desktop or other NDI compatible applications. For information how to receive NDI streams in Streamlabs Desktop see this article.

Skype has build-in NDI output for each stream since version 8.25 so make sure you are running the latest Skype version and update if necessary. You can check which version you are by clicking the three dots top-right of the left-menu, Settings, and then Help & Feedback.

If you run into issues with receiving the NDI stream in any streaming software, and you are using the Windows 10 store version, try using the latest Skype standalone (Get Skype for Windows) version.

Enable NDI Output

NDI output of Skype is disabled by default and you need to enable this first. Open the Settings, found via the three dot menu top-right of the left-menu, and then navigate to Calling → Advanced. In Advanced, simply enable Allow NDI usage and close the settings. If you do not have the option to enable NDI, please double-check your installed version.

Start a Skype (group) video call

When NDI usage in Skype has been enabled, Skype will automatically create a NDI stream for each received video feed in a video call, including your own. A bar above the video call in Skype will indicate if NDI is currently active and you can stop NDI from here if wanted.


Add NDI sources to the streaming software

All there is left to is to add the NDI streams created by Skype as an NDI source in your streaming software of choice. Having your own webcam available as NDI stream from Skype is handy if you do not have a second webcam at hand for both Skype and the streaming software, remove any webcam sources in the streaming software first so Skype can use your webcam and then you can use the NDI Stream "Skype - Local" as your webcam in the streaming software. Then you only need one webcam during the podcast!

Below is an example setup of a two-man Skype video call with Streamlabs Desktop. It uses the Skype - Local and Skype - GuestName NDI Stream from Skype. It is also possible to show only the active speaker (on Skype) in Streamlabs Desktop using the Skype - Active Speaker NDI stream also provided from Skype which you can use as well to your own preference.


If you do not have the option to add an NDI source in Streamlabs Desktop, make sure it is set up correctly.

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