Clean Install of Graphics Driver Tutorial

Identify Your Graphics Card Manufacturer

There may be times that you need to perform a clean installation of your graphics card drivers.  Please make sure to know whether you have an NVIDIA GPU or an AMD GPU.  You can find this by going to your Windows Start Menu, and search "Device Manager" > Display adapters.  There it should say either NVIDIA or AMD.  If you are on a laptop, you may see two, but you will be looking for one of these two options so you can proceed.



Install the latest driver from the Nvidia website

Once you have uninstalled the old driver you can install the new one from the website.

  • Navigate to Nvidia's website
  • Enter your specs to search for the driver correlating to your graphics card and operating system


  • Download the driver
    • select “Custom installation”,
    • check “Perform a clean installation” 
      • See gif for guidance


Please ensure that once you have done this that you restart your computer.

**The NVENC encoder does not support NVIDIA drivers prior to 390.77 (released on Jan 29, 2018)**


Perform a Clean Install Through GeForce Experience 

  1. Navigate to the "Drivers" section of GeForce Experience 
  2. If a new driver is available, select "Download"1.png
  3. Select "Custom Installation"graphics1.png
  4. If no new driver is available, select the 3 dots next to your latest driver and select "reinstall driver"
  5. When prompted, select "perform a clean installation"graphics3.png
  6. Click "Install"
  7. Restart your computer once you have completed the installation



First, you will need to download the AMD Cleanup Utility, which can be downloaded from THIS LINK HERE.


After downloading, locate the file and double click on the AMDCleanupUtility.exe.  A notification will populate to ask if you want to run it in safe mode or not.  AMD recommends safe mode, but either will function for this purpose.


The next notification will indicate that it will remove all of your old AMD driver and application components, please press OK.



Now that your GPU driver is removed, go to and download and install the latest driver.


It should be running now!  Once it is done it will say that it has successfully completed.  Press Finish and restart your computer.


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