Advanced Audio Control Setups


This article will list some links to other guides depending on the need for your audio routing. Please be aware that some of these setups and/or configuration could be advanced and that these guides provide mainly an example setup which can or need to be further customized by you.

The software or applications we will be using in these guides are Virtual Audio Cables (abbreviated as VAC) and VoiceMeeter Banana (Potato is also possible) from VB-Audio, which both are donationware. For simplicity, we use the VAC from VB-Audio as you can get one VAC for free to test out the audio routing but additional cables will also cost you a donation.

There is also a VAC application available from Muzychenko where a license will cost 20-25 USD but it can create “unlimited” VACs with advanced settings. These VACs will function the same as the VACs from VB-Audio once they are set up so it would not impact these guides if you use this!


Force Application Playback Device

This guide explains how you can use a Windows 10 audio feature to force a playback device on an application to use that output if the application does not have an option to select the output device. For example, many games do not have an option and this allows you to separate the game audio from the default (desktop) audio onto its own playback device!


Split Audio with only a single VAC

This guide will walk you through a simple audio set up utilizing only a single virtual audio cable so you can hear more than the stream will hear. This can be used for example when you are in a VOIP call during your stream but you do not want the stream to hear this, perhaps for moderation purposes.


Split Audio using VoiceMeeter Banana

This guide will walk you through the basic set up using VoiceMeeter Banana with optionally one or more VACs. This is similar to the Split Audio with only a single VAC guide, but using VoiceMeeter Banana allows you to control where the audio goes.


Single PC Example Setup with VoiceMeeter



Dual PC Setup VoiceMeeter VBAN



Selective Recording Audio Routing

This guide will make use of VoiceMeeter Banana to split the audio for the selective recording feature in Streamlabs Desktop. For example, removing the alert audio from the recording but have it still available for the stream and yourself to hear.


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