Streamlabs - Donation Taxes Explained


US IRS 1099 issuance threshold is $600;

- Meaning if you made over $600 you should receive a 1099 if you reside in the US

PayPal issues their own 1099;

- The 1099 you receive from Streamlabs credit card donations is from Stripe
* Stripe is the credit card processor that processes all the credit card transactions.

Your total tips received for the year, will be a combination of all different processors that you received tips from.
- Example: PayPal + Stripe + any other tipping source that processed your funds.

1099's are due Jan 31st, meaning you could receive them anytime throughout January.
- Or even first week of February, depending on when they are postmarked.

If you did not receive a 1099, you reached the 600$ threshold and received credit card donations through Streamlabs.
- Please email



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