Streamlabs OBS - Crashing / Something Went Wrong!

Do not try to run Streamlabs OBS on a Mac(book) with bootcamp or on macOS with Wine.
These are currently not supported and we cannot provide any assistance with this.
Most likely the cause for Bootcamp users is the lack of proper updated video drivers, and for Wine it would be vital required components.

Windows 7 Users: Please download and install .NET Framework 4.7.2


Please be sure to Install BOTH C++ Redistributes



General Solutions that should help resolve this issue;

  • Reboot your computer.

  • Re-Download Streamlabs OBS from: and run the installer as administrator.

  • Update your video drivers and other hardware drivers/software (reboot after updating).

  • Try starting Streamlabs OBS as administrator.



 Other things that could help resolve this issue would be;



If you are still having the issue you could try to clear the user data of Streamlabs OBS & see if that could resolve the issue. Do keep in mind by doing so you are deleting user data and you need to login, redo your settings and potentially re-adjust your scenes & collections depending on the cloud recovery.

  1. Make sure Streamlabs OBS is closed and not running in the background in task manager.

  2. Copy: " %appdata% " (without quotes) then Press the Windows Key on your keyboard, Press CTRL + V then Press Enter.
    • This will put you into your roaming folder, scroll down until you see " slobs-client "

  3. Delete the entire " slobs-client " folder.
    • This will delete your cache and all current scenes and settings.
    • If you wish, rename it to " _slobs-client " instead, to have a backup.

  4. Restart SLOBS as Administrator when launching.
    • Redo the any settings that were not recovered via cloud recovery.


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