Streamlabs Desktop - Enable Aero in Windows 7 (required for Streamlabs Desktop)

Please enable Aero on Windows 7:

  1. Close Streamlabs Desktop and then select an Aero Theme
    Note: pick this default theme if you do not know which one to pick: 

  2. If Aero is ON (check this screenshot to verify: 

    - Then simply run Streamlabs Desktop but if not please continue to the next step

  3. Make sure Streamlabs Desktop is closed and that an Aero Theme is selected then search for cmd in windows search bar & run it as admin.

  4. Enter two lines of command, first type net stop uxsms hit enter and let it process (few secs) then type net start uxsms and hit enter again.

  5. Aero should now be on and you can open Streamlabs Desktop again. Refer to the screenshot above to ensure that it is on.

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