How to Earn Revenue with our Affiliate Program

If you’ve been livestreaming to an audience, chances are at some point one of your viewers has asked what software you use to broadcast. We’ve created the Streamlabs Affiliate program to reward our loyal user base for pointing their friends to our software with a recommendation. Here’s how to set it up.

The cash you’ll receive for referrals is processed through PayPal, so the first thing you’ll want to do is make sure that is set up and linked to your Streamlabs account. Open Streamlabs OBS, or log in to on your browser, and navigate to the options on the left for “Donation Settings” located under “My Account”

If it shows you’re connected--great, you can skip this step. If not, press the button and fill out the email for your PayPal and press “Connect”.

Now that you’ve connected Paypal, navigate to the “Affiliates” tab under “Streamlabs OBS”. Here you’ll see confirmation that you’ve completed step 1, and here in step 2 you’ll be able to copy a unique URL created just for you. This link will allow your viewers and friends to download SLOBS and let us know how successful you were in referring us. You can share this anywhere you think would be easy for viewers to find, whether it’s a channel info panel, in a Youtube video description, or DM to a friend.

Once you have generated some traffic with your referral link, a chart will populate on your Streamlabs Affiliate dash. Here you can toggle data on and off to show how many clicks, downloads, and installs your referral has generated. On the right you will see the sources the activity came from, if you’ve placed your link on multiple websites.

Note that to qualify for payments each month you must meet a minimum of 20 installs using your link. We’re also excited to share that for every $.40 you earn, we will donate $.05 to a charity each month. 

Now you’re on your way to making some side cash as a Streamlabs OBS Affiliate! Continuing to use SLOBS personally will go a long way as you will be able to pull from your personal experience to speak knowledgeably and educate viewers about the software.

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