Merging Multiple Widgets Into a Single Widget Theme

This guide will show you how to you can merge widgets from different Widget Themes to a single Widget Theme.

This would be for when you are using Streamlabs Desktop with the built-in widgets or you do not want to use multiple browser sources with different links to different widget themes as described in this "Using Widgets from Multiple Widget Themes" guide.


Have Multiple Widget Themes

In Streamlabs Desktop library tab you can install multiple complete widget themes or single widget themes, but whichever you install, they all will install as a separate theme in your Widget Themes.

Once you have multiple themes and you want to merge them for ease of use into a single theme then continue following this guide.


Prepare a New Theme

If you already have a theme you want to use as a base you can continue to the following step. But if you do not have a specific theme yet, you can create a new theme where later the widgets from other themes will be copied over in.

You can create a new theme by clicking the "Create Widget Theme" button found under Widget Themes.


Use Sharing Links

The next step is to use the sharing links of a Widget Theme that holds a widget you want to use in another theme. Simply click the arrow next to the name of the theme and chain-icon to open a new window.

In the window you are presented now you can click the clipboard-icon to copy the share link of the widget you want to merge to another theme.

For example, we installed a Jar Widget from the Library in Streamlabs Desktop and we want to copy this to our own theme, so we copy the Tip Jar sharing URL.


Open Copied Share Link

Next is to open the copied share link in a new tab in your browser, and as soon as you navigate to this share link and the page has loaded you are presented with a new window where you can select the theme you want to merge it to.

Simply click the Use button on the theme you want to have the widget copied over into. If you did not create a specific theme before and you decided to create one anyway, you can also create a new theme here by clicking the green Create button and then Use the newly created theme.

Repeat and Deleting

Now you repeat this for each widget you want to use from another theme to your own Widget Theme. After you are done, you can delete the other unused themes so you are left with only one theme with the merged widgets from other themes!

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