Webcam Troubleshooting

Common reasons why your webcam is not working as expectedIssue

1: Your Webcam Drivers Are Outdated

  • Solution: Re-install any drivers/software used by your webcam

2: There's a Pre-Existing Webcam Source in your Editor

  • Make sure the webcam is not active anywhere else on your system. Remove duplicate sources of the webcam from the current scene.
  • Remove other sources of the webcam from any other scenes.
  • Close any other software that may have the webcam enabled.

3: Incorrect Settings

  • When using custom resolution settings, make sure your device support them
  • See screenshots below to ensure that your webcam settings match

Example settings for the Logitech c920

Example settings for the Logitech c922

Example settings for the Logitech BRIO

Issue 4: Windows Privacy Settings

  • Ensure "All apps to access your camera" is enabled in: Windows -> Settings -> Privacy -> Camera


At this point you should be able to enable your webcam in Streamlabs Desktop by adding a video device as a new source. If you need to add the same webcam in another scene, make sure to choose the existing device when adding the video capture source into the scene.

How to Change Windows 10 Privacy Settings:

Some Antivirus software may block your webcam from being used in Streamlabs Desktop

This is an example of how to fix this issue in KasperSky Anti-Virus.

1. Open Your Security Settings

2. Go to Protection

3. Disable the block in the webcam protect settings

Using two or more Logitech c920 webcams -- Guide from Logitech

To ensure things will work correctly please click here to see the guide provided by Logitech

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