Tiltify Integration Tutorial

Want to start a contribute to a cause that you care about? You can now do so with the brand new Tiltify integration! You must have a published ongoing campaign to use the integration. You can create a campaign here

Step 1: Go to "Integrations" on your Streamlabs Dashboard. 


Step 2: Login to your Tiltify account and authorize Streamlabs to access your account. 


Step 3: After linking your account, you can click on "manage" to select the campaign that you want to use. 




Step 4: Widget Customizations: You can customize your alerts for Tiltify donations after merging your accounts. Simply go to Alert Box > Tiltify Donations to change the alert sound, images, and add custom css customizations to the Alert Box. You can also level up your donation variations under the "variations tab". 




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