New Feature! Milestones Widget for Streamlabs Charity

A few weeks ago the Streamlabs Charity team was watching a charity stream that absolutely crushed it — they raised around $150,000 in less than 8 hours. Part of what made the charity stream successful is that they planned it really well; they had fun activities that Chat could participate in and milestones they could all reach together. It was awesome to see them succeed, but one thing we noticed is that the streamer was managing his milestones with the notepad app.

As the various milestones would hit, he would sit back down at his computer, pull up the notepad, and manually write DONE after each one. As we were watching this, the Streamlabs Charity team realized we could make this a little easier for him and all you charity streamers out there. So we set out to build a widget that:

  • Displays all of your fundraising milestones
  • Automatically crosses off milestones you’ve hit
  • Includes your donation goal bar
  • Can be added to broadcast software as a browser source
  • Looks awesome

We’re now proud to announce that this feature is live and ready for use with your next charity stream!

The milestones widget is freely available at

How to Use the Milestones Widget

Creating and installing the milestones widget is incredibly easy. Here’s how:

  1. Create an account as a fundraiser at Streamlabs Charity (if you haven’t already).
  2. Find a charity and create a campaign.
  3. Head to your milestones page.
  4. Choose the campaign you’d like to link the widget to, and add the milestones with their corresponding amounts.
  5. Copy the browser source URL for the widget, and paste it into Streamlabs Desktop (or whatever software you use) as a browser source.

That’s it! After that, the widget will automatically update as your donation start to roll in, and the milestone you hit will be crossed off automatically.

This feature was super fun to build, and we hope you all get great use out of it. If there are other awesome features you’d love to see or if you have questions or feedback of any kind, please email us at

Good luck with your fundraising!

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