Cross Clip Subscription & Billing

Do you have questions about managing your billing? In this guide, we'll share answers to the most common billing questions related to Cross Clip PRO subscriptions. If you have an Ultra subscription, please check out our guide here!

How to get an Invoice/Receipt

We will email you with a receipt from If you have not received an email with your receipt, please reach out to our team in a ticket!

Update Payment Information

To update your payment information, you need to cancel your subscription and resubscribe using the new payment method. To resubscribe, click on your Subscriptions page.

How to Cancel Subscription

  1. Head over to Cross Clip and log in with the account that you purchased your subscription on.
  2. Click on your Profile Picture at the top right of the page > My Account.
  3. Click Subscription and then press Cancel.
  4. Once you have canceled your subscription, you will see this screen. It will show you how long you have left to use your benefits.

If you need any further help, our team is happy to answer your questions in a ticket!

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