Streamlabs Plugin for OBS Guide

Good news for all OBS streamers out there! Streamlabs is now seamlessly integrated with OBS Studio through an innovative plugin that combines the dynamic features of Streamlabs, such as overlays, widgets, Stream Labels, tipping, and Cloudbot with the OBS interface. And as of today, the beta is open for streamers to test! Want to jump right in? Download the plugin here or keep reading for tips on getting started.

Whether you're a seasoned creator or just starting out, the Streamlabs Plugin for OBS is an easy and efficient way to set up and customize your stream. Having all of these features within OBS means there’s no more copying and pasting URLs or creating separate browser windows to pull in your widgets and tools from Streamlabs.

The open beta allows you to be one of the first to jump into the plugin and try it out—we’d love to hear any feedback you have after using it! To join the beta community and give us your feedback, hop into our Discord channel.

Why Should You Use the Streamlabs Plugin for OBS?

The simple answer is that this plugin will give your live stream a major upgrade by combining what you love most about Streamlabs with the power of OBS. Below are just a few Streamlabs features you can take advantage of with this plugin.

Eye-Catching Stream Overlays & Widget Themes: Streamlabs has a library filled with thousands of overlays and widget themes to add a dash of personality and professionalism to your live stream display.

Chatbot Moderation: Create your own cloud-based chatbot to entertain your audience and moderate your chat.

Stream Labels:  Add text overlays that update in real-time based on how you interact with your viewers, whether through tips, recent followers, or other stats.

Tipping: If you’re using a Streamlabs Tipping Page to monetize your content (as you absolutely should), encourage more support by adding an on-screen tipping jar or tip ticker. 

How to Setup Streamlabs Tools in OBS Studio

Before we work through the setup, please ensure you have OBS Studio 28.0.0 version or later installed.

  1. To get started, download the Streamlabs Plugin for OBS.
  2. Once the plugin package is downloaded, open the file and follow the installation steps.

3. Once the Streamlabs Plugin has been installed, launch OBS Studio. The first time you launch OBS after downloading the Streamlabs plugin, you should be directed to a sign-in screen.  Log In & Get Started. If not, select Streamlabs from the top navigation bar of OBS to begin.

Select Log In & Get Started, which will direct you to your browser to log into or create a Streamlabs ID account or connect to your preferred streaming platform. Choose whichever option you prefer and follow the instructions until you’re redirected back to the OBS Studio software.

4. Once you’re logged in, it’s time to start customizing your live stream in OBS using tools from Streamlabs, starting with your overlay. Choose an overlay that fits your brand and the overall vibe of your live stream. There are thousands to choose from, many of which are free, and some premium options are available to Streamlabs Ultra subscribers only.

Once you’ve chosen your theme, select Continue.

5. Next, tell us how you’d like to receive tips by entering your PayPal email address. For tipping setup options, please visit your Streamlabs Dashboard to control these settings, which require a few more steps.

Continue to move to the next step.

6. Want to control your chat with our cloud-based chatbot, aka Cloudbot? If so, toggle on the function in this window and click Continue.

7. The last step of the onboarding process is signing up for Streamlabs Ultra (if you choose to, of course). In case you’re not familiar, Streamlabs Ultra is a monthly subscription that gives you access to premium features of Streamlabs (such as multistreaming, premium overlays, and much more) in addition to the premium features of all tools under the Streamlabs name, including Podcast Editor, Video Editor, Cross Clip, and Console. But don’t worry, if you skip subscribing right now, you can sign up at any time. Check out our Streamlabs Ultra guide to learn more about this amazing subscription.

8. Some changes, such as adding an overlay, may require restarting OBS Studio. If prompted, do so to continue on.

9. Once you relaunch OBS Studio, you will now see Streamlabs on the top Navigation bar. Here, you can make changes to all settings applied during the initial setup process in addition to enabling multistreaming (exclusive to Streamlabs Ultra subscribers).

That’s it! You’ve successfully installed and set up the
Streamlabs Plugin for OBS, and you can now begin streaming or recording in OBS using Streamlabs tools and features.


I’ve installed a new Streamlabs overlay but wish to change to a previous one. How do I do this in OBS Studio?

The great thing about overlays when using the Streamlabs Plugin for OBS is that switching between overlays is super simple. To change your overlay, simply select Scene Collections from the top navigation bar and choose the overlay you wish to apply from the dropdown.

Is the Streamlabs Plugin for OBS free?

Yes! However, you can upgrade to Streamlabs Ultra to get the premium features of Streamlabs, such as multistreaming, access to premium overlays and widget themes, plus much more.

What apps and features are included?

You can access many Streamlabs features such as tipping, cloudbot, alerts, widgets, overlays and widget themes, recent events, Stream Labels, media share, and chat moderation—all for free!

What features aren’t included in the Streamlabs for OBS Plugin?

This plugin doesn’t grant access to Streamlabs Music (DCMA-free music for your live stream). Shared Storage, Dual Output (multi platform simulcasting), Collab Cam (to add guests to your stream). If you’re interested in these features, we encourage you to check out Streamlabs Desktop.

Do I still need to run a separate Stream Labels program?

No! You can manage Stream labels without leaving the OBS interface.

Do I need to copy and paste URLs for my widgets?

Nope! You can add new widgets directly, with the click of a button when you have the Streamlabs for OBS plugin installed.

What versions of OBS does the Plugin work with?

This plugin works with OBS Studio 28.0.0 or later.

Is the plugin available on Mac OS?

At the moment, the Streamlabs Plugin for OBS is available for Windows users only. However,  we’re always working to make tools available to creators on PC and Mac. If you’re a Mac user and are interested in seeing what Streamlabs is all about, you can download Streamlabs Desktop for Mac for free.

From the convenience of receiving tips from your supporters and chat moderation to the allure of premium overlays, the Streamlabs Plugin for OBS will help bring a professional, competitive edge to your live streams and streaming journey.

Download the Streamlabs Plugin for OBS Studio today—happy streaming!

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