Getting Started with Streamlabs Ultra!

Congratulations on signing up for Streamlabs Ultra! If you’ve not signed up yet, we’re happy Ultra has piqued your interest (keep reading to learn what you’re missing). 

If you’ve gotten this far, you probably realize that Streamlabs Ultra is your golden ticket to stepping up your content—live streaming and beyond. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about your Streamlabs Ultra subscription, from getting started in your Streamlabs Dashboard to ironing through all of the tools and features that come with this one membership. 

We recommend reading the full blog post, but we’ve also included links directly below in case you’d like to skip ahead to a specific area of interest. 


Navigating the Streamlabs Dashboard

Consider your dashboard the command center for everything you do with Streamlabs—familiarizing yourself with it is a good place to start. Please note that some of these features and tools can also be configured elsewhere (i.e., within the specific tools themselves). However, your Streamlabs Dashboard can get you pretty much anywhere you need to go. 

Configuring Accounts Settings in the Dashboard 

Prioritize confirming that your account details are properly set up. In your account settings, you can:

  • Check which email address is associated with your Streamlabs ID
  • Set up two-factor authentication to protect your account or update your password
  • Add all platforms that you wish to use with Streamlabs 
  • Change your preferences for email notifications and the Dashboard homepage
  • Add and manage users
  • Manage integrations such as Streamlabs Charity, Discord, and more
  • Check API connections 

Essential Tools 

From the left navigation bar on your Streamlabs Dashboard, you’ll see a host of tools under Essentials that you can use to elevate your content. Below are quick descriptions of each. 

Alert Box: Manage on-stream notifications, including tips, new subscribers, merch purchases, and much more. Your Ultra subscription gets you access to thousands of alert and widget designs to customize your alerts.

All Widgets: Spice up your live stream with widgets to make your content more unique and engaging. No widget is off-limits for Ultra subscribers. 

Tipping: Modify your tip setup, including tipping methods, your custom tip page design (for Ultra subscribvers only), and other settings. Here, you can also see tip history. 

Themes & Overlays: Customize your live stream with themes and overlays to add some character to your content. In Streamlabs Theme Library, you can find overlays across tons of genres, aesthetics, and even games. And Ultra subscribers have access to all of them, including premium ones. 

Cloudbot: Enabling Cloubot allows you to add a chatbot to your live stream that helps moderate your chat and engage your audience. Here, you can fully configure your Cloudbot, from giving it a custom name ( Ultra subscriber exclusive) to adding commands and much more.

Charity: Want to host a charity live stream to donate to a worthy cause? Hit the Charity icon on your Streamlabs Dashboard or go to—you can start hosting your very own charity for free. FYI, Streamlabs takes zero cuts of donations, and proceeds go straight to the organization of your choice (minus standard processing fees).

App Store: From stepping up the vibes on your live stream via Streamlabs Music to adding an on-screen stream timer, the Streamlabs App Store is the secret to adding those last final touches to enhance your live stream. Every single app is included with your Ultra subscription. 

Multistreaming: Streaming to multiple platforms is an incredible way to grow your live stream by expanding your reach. Streamlabs Ultra subscribers have the ability to multistream up to as many destinations as they want. 

All Star Rewards: Using Streamlabs tools gains you points that you can redeem for exclusive rewards. Ultra subscribers get bonus points, which means more potential rewards in the long run. 

Branding Tools 

Creator Sites: Encourage your viewers and fans to support and engage when you’re not streaming with your Creator site. Here, you can receive tips, promote your merch, and more. Ultra subscribers can customize their site to fully fit their branding and aesthetic. 

Merch Store: Speaking of merch, you can create your own branded merch using Streamlabs. Ultra subscribers get access to special products and pricing per item (meaning higher profit margins).

Twitch Panels: Adding panels to your Twitch channel is a great way to encourage viewers to donate, buy merch, visit socials, and more. Customize them using Streamlabs Twitch Panel templates, exclusively for Ultra subscribers.

YouTube Thumbnails: Uploading is just one task needed to be successful on YouTube. Creating engaging, clickworthy YouTube thumbnails is essential for getting viewers to click on your videos. 

Emote Maker: Twitch viewers go crazy for emotes. Create your own for your Twitch channel using Streamlabs Emote Maker.

Logo Maker: A good logo serves as your brand's official stamp. Create your own professional logo to use on your merchandise or anywhere you promote your brand online.

Intro Maker: Instead of awkwardly awaiting your audience to arrive after hitting the Go Live button, add an intro video (also known as a starting soon screen) to keep your viewers anticipating your on-screen arrival. 

Bio Link Tool: As a digital creator, having all of your most important links in one place is essential—that’s where Streamlabs Link Space comes in. Add your links, customize (without watermarks if you’re subscribed to Ultra), and share with your audience!

YouTube Clip Editor: There’s no better way to get traffic to your YouTube channel than sharing small clips on your social media platforms. Use Streamlabs Cross Clip to cut out key moments from your long-form video to share.

Social Reminders Animations:  Send your viewers friendly reminders (e.g., follow you on social media, shop your merch, etc.) with cool on-screen animations.

All Streamlabs Apps

As a Streamlabs Ultra subscriber, you get access to all the premium features of all apps for content creators under the Streamlabs umbrella. Below are the details of each and how they can help you in your creator journey. 

Streamlabs Desktop

Streamlabs Desktop is a free and robust broadcasting software tailored for content creators who want to produce high-quality live streams. It integrates live interaction tools, stream overlays, and widgets directly into a user-friendly application. With Streamlabs Desktop, streaming to platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook is streamlined, making it easier for creators to focus on what they do best—engage with their audience and grow their community. 

Your Ultra subscription elevates your experience with thousands of stream overlays, the Streamlabs App store, multistreaming (including in different orientations with Dual Output, and collaboration with up to 11 guests on stream with Collab Cam

Streamlabs Mobile

The Streamlabs Mobile app (available for Android and iOS) users is a live stream software that allows you to broadcast from anywhere while allowing you some of the same customizations and tweaks as the Streamlabs Desktop (such as multistreaming for Ultra subscribers). Stream your mobile gameplay or just your camera to a variety of platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and more.

Talk Studio

Invite guests, share screens, and customize your streams directly, all from your browser—no downloads necessary. Get going in just a few clicks. Ultra subscribers can stream without a watermark, multistream and more. 

Podcast Editor

This AI-powered podcast editing tool allows you to edit audio like a text document. With this easy-to-use, cloud-based tool, you’ll be a podcast editing pro in just minutes—no prior experience is needed! Plus, you can use Podcast Editor for other creative projects, such as selecting shareable clips, recording audiobooks, translating videos, and much more. 

Ultra subscribers can enjoy watermark-free exports and 40-hour uploads (compared to 1 hour for free users). 

Cross Clip

Edit your live streaming content for vertical first platforms like TikTok with no watermark (supports up to 1GB uploads). Ultra subscribers also receive 250GB of storage. 

Video Editor 

This intuitive browser-based editor makes video production a breeze. It includes 250GB of storage and collaboration features. Plus, you can directly upload your creations to YouTube to streamline your process. 1080p/60fps exports are available exclusively for Ultra subscribers. 

Streamlabs Console

Stream your Xbox gameplay without a PC. Streamlabs Console adds all of your alerts, overlays, and widgets and then broadcasts to Twitch—plus, you can make changes to your stream right from your phone. 

As you can see, Streamlabs Ultra opens up a world of endless possibilities for your content. We recommend taking the time to familiarize yourself with all its features and find creative ways to fit the tools into your own content creation process. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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