How to Go Live on TikTok from a Desktop

By logging in through Streamlabs, eligible creators (visit here for the application) can unlock advanced customization options for their live broadcasts while bypassing the need for a live stream key. This guide will walk you through the steps to maximize your live streaming potential on TikTok using Streamlabs.

What are the video requirements for streaming to TikTok LIVE using Streamlabs?

Here's a breakdown of the critical video requirements for using Streamlabs to stream to TikTok LIVE.

Video & Audio bitrate limitations:

  • Max Video bitrate: 10Mbps
  • Max Audio bitrate: 1Mbps

Recommended video bitrates:

  • 1080P 60FPS = 8000 kbps
  • 1080P 30FPS = 6000 kbps
  • 720P 60FPS = 4000 kbps
  • 720P 30FPS = 3200 kbps
  • 480P 30FPS = 2200 kbps

Max resolution and FPS allowed:

  • 1080P, 60 FPS

Video max length:

  • No limitation of video max length

Encoders supported

  • Currently, TikTok only supports H.264 encoders

How To Go Live On Tiktok from your Desktop Computer Using Streamlabs Desktop

With this new integration, you can stream while using the features of Streamlabs Desktop. Here’s how you can get started today.

Note: The current iteration of Streamlabs TikTok integration is currently in beta and has limited availability for Windows users. MacOS is coming soon!

  1. Download Streamlabs Desktop (if you haven’t done so already). Once your download is complete, launch the application on your computer.

  2. Once Streamlabs Desktop is open on your computer, the application will ask you to Connect to a social media platform to live stream. Select TikTok from the available options.
  3. Next, log into your TikTok account. You can log in via QR code, phone/email/username, FaceBook, Google, Twitter or Apple. Be sure to log in with whichever credentials are associated with the TikTok account you’d like to go live from.
  4. Once you’ve logged in, Authorize Streamlabs to access your TikTok account.
  5. If you have permission to stream live to TikTok natively, you can hit the Confirm & Go Live button and start streaming.

    If you don’t have permission, please select the
    Apply for TikTok Live Permission button to be redirected to the TikTok application page.

In some cases, you may have permission to stream to TikTok as an RTMP Destination rather than natively. In this case, you can enter your TikTok server URL and stream key. If you’d like native access, please click the Apply for TikTok Live Permission button.

  1. Once your live stream is confirmed and running, your browser will open a window with your TikTok Chat and live analytics. Native chat in Streamlabs is not currently supported.

If you accidentally close this window, you can click the
Open TikTok Live Center button in Streamlabs Desktop.

Quick Pro-Tips

  • Use the Streamlabs Desktop Dual Output feature to simulcast on TikTok, plus one horizontal-orientated platform to expand your reach. Learn more about Streamlabs Dual Output in our handy guide.
  • Set up your TikTok LIVE stream with custom overlays and alert themes by installing one from the Streamlabs Library. There are thousands to choose from. 

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the TikTok integration on Streamlabs Desktop, please submit your request here, and we will be happy to help.

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