Setting up Loyalty System

The loyalty points system is an easy way to show appreciation to your viewers while allowing them to play games and collect rewards by watching your channel. 

This system is in closed beta and is not open to the public. 

Step 1: Login to your StreamLabs dashboard and visit the loyalty page -

Step 2: Connect the Loyalty bot to your channel

Step 3: Configure your rewards

First, you will enable the rewards by clicking the radio button on the right side


Next, you can click on the actual reward and configure the point value, commands, and timings.

Step 4: Enable and setup your game settings

Step 5: Enable and setup your points

Step 6 (Optional): Add the loyalty Widget to your stream

Configure the widget settings such as color and timings on the widgets section. 

We have created a widget that will show various information about your loyalty system as well as show alerts when your viewers rank up and redeem the rewards. 


Feel free to comment here or chat in our discord with any ideas or feedback. Thanks for helping us test! 


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    Link not working

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    how can we bonus all for currency?


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    Seriously? why even make a guide if its not open to the public? then you might aswell hide it from us...

    Edited by clashroyalewithlasley
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    Hi, the link works, but only for those who have beta access. to sign up

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    hi i have a friend who uses this widget and can't figure out how to manually add loot after a sub donated and forgot to check the add loot box

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    Beta Link will no longer be available.

    Did not work for me. :(

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    the link doe not work for me or the link above this page dont work ether :(

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