How to set up your Bank Account/ What is my routing number?

Step 3 of credit card set up requires your bank information.  You don't need to set it up to start receiving credit card donations, but the information will need to be entered if you want to withdraw the money. 


1. Bank Holder Name - This would be your First and Last Name on the bank account

2. Bank Holder Type - This should be a checking account, savings accounts will not usually work

3. Bank Country -  You will need to enter the country your bank account was created in

4. Bank Account Currency -  the currency your bank account uses 

5. Account Number/IBAN -  *refer to screenshot below

6.  Routing Number/Sort/Transit Code-  Also known as  BIC for EU (Bank Identifier Code) *refer to screenshot below 

Examples from Stripe

Streamlabs does not save any of your personal data.  Everything you enter is transferred directly to the Payment processor and stored there.  

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