May 24 2016

Patch notes


  • Repeat events button added
  • Decline button added 


  • Moderation delay slider added
  • Text delay slider added (useful for playing out animations before the text)
  • Weight your variations to decide how often they appear (more random or less random)
  • Alert and Text to speech audio will now play all the way through (no more getting cut off)

Alert Moderation

To get started with the moderation system go to your Alertbox page and find the "Alert Moderation Delay" slider and set it to an amount you think will work. 

 Once an event occurs you will have the option to deny the alerts before they go off. (This also applies to the Event List widget)

 Alert Text Delay

You can now increase the delay on the text appearing in your alert for that special animation you want to use! Simply increase the "Alert Text Delay" slider on the Alertbox page.

Weighted Variations 

In the top right of the variation settings menu you can now add a weighting to your variations to decide how often they show up. Now you can have that amazing alert only appear on rare occasions!

Repeat Events

 Did you miss that awesome donation from one of your viewers? Well just incase you can now repeat it for the whole stream to see. Just click the repeat button that is conveniently placed on your dashboard!

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