April 16 2016 Patch Notes

Donation Page

  • Added checkbox for donor to pay the Processing fee
  • Added checkbox for donor to Agree to Terms Of Service
  • Added Markdown support to Donation Memo (message at top)

The new “I want to pay the processing fee” checkbox will give the donor the option to pay the processing fee on their tip. PayPal and other processors typically charge 2.9% + $0.30 that you as the streamer have always had to pay, but now your donors can choose to pay it for you. ​TwitchAlerts still continues to not charge a fee on each tip, and we never will.

Example: Say you donate $2 to a streamer. The fee will be 36 cents (In USD). Normally this would be deducted when they receive the money and the streamer would be left with $1.64. If you decide to pay the 36 cents then the streamer will have the full $2 . 


Disclaimer: fees can vary based on PayPal account type or country.


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