Mediashare for Donations

Media Share allows you to interact with your viewers by letting them publish video clips directly onto your stream whenever they donate through your tip page. 

Note that in order to remain within the Terms of Service of your streaming platform, we recommend you review each video in the queue first, or get help from a mod to check videos submitted by your community.

To get started:

  • Open Streamlabs OBS
  • Navigate to Media Share on your dashboard.
  • Enable Media Share by toggling the switch to “ON”.

You will see a popup prompting you to choose between two experiences: defaulting to show or hide the videos. First we’ll show you how to set up media share with Auto-Show, a mode ideal for streamers who have moderators to filter submitted content.

Choose Your Preferences

  • Price per second: This is defaulted to ten cents, so for every ten cents donated, one second of the submitted content will play.
  • Min. Amount to Share: The minimum amount required to submit media request
  • Max Duration: The maximum length of a video or song
  • Buffer Time: The amount of time between videos
  • Spam Security: This cross-references YouTube's video rating to filter by quality and view count. Generally speaking, the higher the rating and view count, the less likely it is to violate Twitch's ToS.
  • Media Progress Bar: The interface element for playback

Adding Media Share to Streamlabs OBS:

  • In the Streamlabs OBS editor, go to sources and click the plus sign (+).
  • Select browser source
  • Name the source.
  • Copy and Paste the media share widget URL
  • Click done

If you’re using a different software to stream, the steps are very similar, you’d still be pasting the widget URL into your scene as a browser source.

Now we’re ready for the fun part! When Mediasharing donations come in, the queue will be located in your Dashboard under “My Account”, in a tab called “Media Share”. Here you’ll find the current queue, which--if ‘play’ is pressed--will play on your stream. You can toggle on show or hide video in the upper right, and also change the volume.

At the bottom, “Pending media” is where videos will first appear when a donation is received, these are ready to be reviewed for appropriate content and approved before being added to the queue. This is a great task for a moderator to handle for you when you’re focused on your stream, so we’ll show you how to add permissions.

Granting Permissions to Moderators via Shared Access

Under My Account, go to Shared Access and find the tab “Create Invitations” you can allow a trusted account to become a moderator or administrator. For media share they will need at least moderator privileges. Be sure that anyone you invite is someone you know personally and trust with managing your stream with you.

You’re all set with advanced mediasharing! Now you’re ready to laugh, cry, and cringe along with your viewers to whatever clips they want to share with you.
Q: Where can your viewers go to donate to play a song?
A: It can be found on your donation page.

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