How can I change the fonts on my alerts?

In order to change the font on your alerts, you must do them all individually depending on the type of alert.  

For all alerts, you must go to the "Alert Box" on the Dashboard.  There, you will find several different types of alerts that you can change the settings for.

Follow Alert

Scroll all the way down to "Font Settings" to change the font*.

Subscription Alert


Subscription alerts are similar to follower alerts and it can be found on the bottom of the page.

Donation Alerts


For donation alerts, there are two font settings that you can change.  The "Donator Message Setting" which is the size and style of the message that your donators will give when they give a donation.  The "Font Settings" is for the message that says {name}donated {amount}.

*You can find the whole list of Google fonts here.

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