Why didn't I receive a donation alert?

If you are not receiving donation alerts, please read the article to make sure your account has been correctly set up.

1.  You will only receive donations if viewers donate to you via the Streamlabs donation link.

It usually looks like this:


if you prefer to use the word tip instead-


IE.  If they donate to you with DonationAlerts/Paypal direct link, you will not receive notifications using Streamlabs.

2.  Make sure your Paypal email is verified.  Paypal does not allow an unverified account to accept money.

 3.  Make sure your Paypal account is set to accept all currencies.  You can do this in your seller preferences or click here


WARNING- if your donor has made a donation via bank account or eCheck it will take a few days for Paypal to clear the charge.  Donations that are in "pending" status on your Paypal will NOT show up on your dashboard, only CLEARED transactions.  

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