Where can I download the streaming softwares?

Make sure you are using the most up to date version of your streaming software.  Outdated versions will cause certain widgets to not work.  You can check by going to "Help" on your steaming software and then "Check for updates". 

Note:  These links are all direct download links, once you click the link it will automatically start the download. (Except for CLR Browser Source)

Open Broadcaster Software Classic


Release 0.657

Release 0.657Zip File

OBS+CLR Browser Source

OBS+ CLR Browser SourceZip File

CLR Browser Source  

Open Broadcaster Software Studio (formerly OBS Multiplatform)


Release 0.13.2

OBS+Browser Source

Release 0.13.4

Release 0.13.4 + Browser Source

Release 0.14.1 + Browser Source

Release 0.14.2 + Browser Source


Release 0.13.1


Broadcaster Version 2.7.1602.2220-  Released March 3, 2016

Gamecaster Version 2.7.1512.1839- Released January 14, 2016


Version .73

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