Adding widgets to OBS/Xsplit

This article is to help with the initial set up of widgets

OBS Studio

  1. Verify that Browser Source is installed

    If installed correctly, you should be able to add a "Browser Source" to your scenes in OBS. If your OBS does not include it then you will need to reinstall using the Full installer. That can be downloaded HERE

  2. Copy your widget link

    Head over to the page for the widget you want to add. At the top copy the unique link for that widget.

  3. Add your browser source

    In OBS create a new browser source then when prompted for a link, paste your widget link (in this example alert box)



XSplit Broadcaster

Below you can find the few steps required to include our widgets into your stream using XSplit Broadcaster. If you run into issues or you’re more of a visual person, here is a comprehensive video walkthrough: 

    1. Add the AlertBox and Any Other Widgets

      XSplit comes ready to include webpages out of the box, so all you need to do is Add a new Webpage URL source to your scene and use the URL of the widget you want to add.

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