Setting up the Donation Ticker

The donation ticker is a pretty way to show your most recent donations scroll across your stream.

To set it up you will want to make sure you have prepared your software for widgets. (Guide can be found here:

Next head over to copy the link at the top and paste it into your streaming software.

Now you can tinker with the Ticker's many settings.

Message Format can be used to modify if you want just the name or just the amounts to be shown.

Max Donations will set the maximum amount of donations the ticker will show at once.

Text Scroll Speed will set how quickly the ticker scrolls across the screen.

Background Color will set the color behind the ticker widget (you only need to worry about this if you are window capturing)

Font will let you change the font the widget displays in. (You can use to see what you can use)

Font Size will let you change how big or small the Donation Ticker's font is. 

Font Weight will change how thick the font displays.

Text Color changes the color of any extra text added around the {name} or amount .

Name Text Color changes the color for the usernames who donated.

Amount Text Color changes the color for the money amount received.

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    Why am i only seeing the last 3-4 donations, i have it set to see 15 but i see only 3 or 4

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    Yes! when they updated stream labs it broke the ticker. Mine only shows last 4 now when i have 40plus?? Please fix.

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    Also there seems to be a short time limit before the marquee resets. Used to not do that.

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    On My Donations I added a donation to test how the Donation Ticker looked in OBS and after that I deleted that donation but somehow it keeps appearing in the Donation Ticker, any help?

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